Diego Maradona – Player of the Century

Diego Maradona trivia will show that he was born in Buenos Aires in 1960 and is, along with Pele, considered one of the two greatest football (soccer) players of all time. In South America, no sport even comes close to soccer in terms of its overall popularity, and Diego Maradona has been for decades now one of the most important figures in that sport. He was only ten years old when professional scouts started to take notice of him and try to provide him with more opportunities to develop his talent, and a Diego Maradona quiz will show that he was just fifteen years old when he got his first professional playing opportunity with the Argentinos Juniors.

The number of teams that he has played for will likely be an interesting part of Diego Maradona trivia for anyone who has followed his career. After playing for the Argentinos Juniors, he was tranded to the Boca Juniors. He then became the most valuable player to ever be transferred to that date when he was sent to Barcelona. Barcelona was fraught with problems for Maradona though, and it was in Italy, in Napoli that he would have the most success. Other teams included Sevilla, Newells Old Boys, and then returned to the Boca Juniors.

In addition to playing professionally, Maradona would have success playing in the World Cup several times for the Argentinian team. A Diego Maradona quiz will show that he played in four back to back world cups. His team would win the championship in 1986, and would finish in second the cup after that.

Maradona has had a life that was surrounded by much controversy. During several of his professional tenures he has been in and out of trouble; including arrests, for various problems with drugs, most notably a cocaine habit which plagued him for many years. In addition, he is noted for having a temperamental personality and being difficult to get along with. When FIFA held a poll to select the world’s all time greatest “Player of the Century” the first results were voting for Maradona, until FIFA decided to have a panel of experts make the selection, which concluded the award should go to Pele. Maradona raised such a fuss over the ordeal that the decision was eventually made to award each of the two with an award. He became the head coach in Argentina for the national team in 2008.